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M8 Software Upgrade Policy
Updates to any version are free. Buy v1.00 and 1.10, 1,20 Etc. are free. (Download from the link given in your purchase acknowledgment email)
Upgrades from one version to another are half price. (Buy v1 and v2, v3 Etc are half price.)

For Spartan upgrades Click here.


The latest versions of our software are:

Spartan Multi Clipboard V18.07 What's New
Crib Sheet V1.05 What's New
25 Clips V1.40 What's New
Pigeonhole V1.30 What's New
101 Screen Shots V1.02 What's New
Clipboard Auto-Clear V1.01 What's New
WebM8 V7.53 What's New
CopyPlus V2.02 What's New
Estimate V2.02 What's New
Keysend.bas V3.00 What's New

M8 Free Clipboard V27.07  
101 Clips V21.07
All Other Free Clipboards V12.07

M8 Multi Clipboard V9.73 What's New
Titan Multi Clipboard V1.70 What's New
FlashClips V1.02 What's New
WinM8 V4.01 What's New



All versions of M8 software products are designed to be backward compatible. If you close the version you have and install the new version to the same folder, it will read your current data.

However, having said that, things go wrong on PCs! For insurance, copy the original folder to which you installed (complete with all sub folders) to another location first. If the upgrade is successful, you can delete the copy later. If not, you can copy your original installation back.

WebM8 Version 7 Exception
WebM7 V7 does not read previous version data.


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