Custom and ready written scripts for Spartan

From V17, Spartan includes a basic like script language. No prior experience in programming is necessary to use it.  However, programming is not everyone's forte. If you want a script but don't relish trying to write it yourself, you have two other options.

1. Have M8 Software write it for you.

2. Purchase a ready written script from the list below....

Ready Written Scripts

Script Video Demo

(UK Pounds)

Switch highlighted text to upper case or lower case Play £5.00 V17.06
Make any window stay on top of others Play £5.00 V17.06
Play £10.00 V17.06
Paste a list from a document to a spread sheet row Play £10.00 V17.06
Paste each cell from a spread sheet row to a new line in document Play £20.00 V17.06
Remove tabs from the start of lines Play £20.00 V17.06
Remove spaces from the start of lines Play £20.00 V17.06
Paste address list to spread sheet Play £30.00 V17.06
Advanced Bulk Paste Play £14.00 V17.06