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How can I Paste Digital Photographs into Email ?

Pasting your pictures into outgoing emails presents several problems. First of all, if you use a web based email like Gmail, you just can't do it. At least, not the pictures on your computer. If you upload your pictures to a web site and use the Google Chrome browser then you can copy from the web site and paste into Gmail. All a bit complicated. If you want to paste pictures straight from your picture files, then you need a PC based email program like Microsoft Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird. (They're both free and you can use them to send and receive your Yahoo, Gmail or any other web based service.) Unfortunately, there are still two more problems to overcome.

1. Your pictures are almost certainly far to large. They need to be reduced to a sensible size, not only so that the recipient can see them without scrolling his screen but also so that they can be transmitted in a reasonably short time.

2. The picture paste format which Microsoft mail accepts is different to the one which Mozilla accepts.

The Spartan multi clipboard overcomes both of these problems for you..........

Open you email program and start an outgoing .. This is Mozilla.

Now bring up Spartan and choose "Browse and paste" from the pictures menu...

Type in or browse to your pictures folder and click OK...

The picture browser opens..

Note that a small control panel appears beneath the picture the mouse is over. The four small buttons marked 1 to 4 are for pasting.

Button 1 pastes the clip format one at full size. (Format 1 suits Mozilla)
Button 2 pastes the clip format one with size reduction.
Button 3 pastes the clip Format two at full size (Format 2 suits Microsoft Mail)
Button 4 pastes the clip Format two with size reduction.

I'm using Mozilla so I click on button 2..... and in it goes reduced to 6 inches wide.

Had I been using Microsoft Mail....

the procedure would have been the same except that I would click button 4 to paste.

So why bother with the full size buttons?

There are occasions when you would not want a picture reduced. For example, the screen shots on this page. I would always want to paste them full size for clarity.

Who decides how much size reduction is applied?

You do.. Just set the width you want in the Options screen.


So, to paste your digital photos into emails..

1. Use a PC based email program not a web based one.
2. Get the Spartan multi clipboard to do the rest.

Spartan Multi Clipboard By M8Software

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