Thank you for your order.

When you buy an M8 program, you get an installer for the full version. We do not use any form of "Registration" or "Activation" code to apply to trial versions. To ensure that you get your purchase up an running without problems, please follow these procedures in order.

1. If you are replacing an evaluation copy of Spartan Standard Edition, bring it up, go to Options on the Tools menu and set the "Start when Windows Starts" option to No.

2. Whichever evaluation copy you are replacing, locate the icon in your system tray, right click on it and click "Exit"

3. If you have any of our free clipboards, M8 Free Clipboard, 101Clips or AtoZ Clipboard () repeat steps 1 and 2 for it as well. Free clipboards have pop up advertising for Spartan so you need to shut them down.

4. Uninstall the trial version and /or free clipboards (Uninstalling does not erase your clip data)

5. Recommend Spartan to your friends on facebook.....

6. Download the standard edition installer ... Alternative Download
    Download the portable edition installer ... Alternative Download
    Download the U3 edition installer ... Alternative Download

7. Run the installer, restart Spartan from the desktop shortcut and check that it is the full version. The full version menu bar does not have this.. on it.

Finally, make a backup copy of the installers on a CD, DVD, peg drive or external hard disk. It is reusable if you change your PC.