Thank you for your order.

You may now download the Keysend modules.

1. The download is by HTTP transfer which is not always successful. Check that the download complete dialog indicates you have received the correct size. If it shows anything less, download again.

2. Files with extension .vb and .bas do not download with some browsers. The VB5/6 version is named Keysend.doc and the .net version is named Please rename them to Keysend.bas and Keysend.vb after download.

Keysend.doc ( for VB5 / VB6 / VBA) is 19.9 Kb Click here for download (for VB.NET) is 27.2 Kb Click here to download (for other languages) is 696 Kb Click here to download

If you would like example code, you may download the demo program project here...

Download the VB5 / VB6 demo project (46.7 kb)

Download the Dot Net demo project (78.4 kb)