WebM8 - V7.

V7 has been completely rewritten using stronger encryption. It also has the new option to disable editing without disabling use.

Because of the new encryption system, it is not possible to upgrade data from any previous version. If you upgrade, you will have to reenter your data. To ease the transition, the new version installs to a different folder from previous versions and will run concurrently with older versions to allow copy and paste from one to the other.


29 Jun 2011 - V7.53
Fixes a bug in the A to Z sort routine which placed items beginning with Y or Z after all unused slots.

31 Jan 2011 - V7.52
Fixes the bug which prevented changing the master password in the previous version.

20 Dec 2008 - V7.51
Fixes minor bug where the first drop down is occasionally missed when entering three digits from a password or PIN to three drop down boxes.

20 Nov 2008 - V7.50
Now has two "memorable word" entries for logon screens that ask for 3 digits from your PIN and 3 characters from your password.

21 Jun 2008 - V7.41
Now runs correctly in Vista at 120 Dpi. (Large Fonts).

22 Dec 2007 - V7.40
Fixes problem of not always restarting after shutdown under Vista Aeroglass Theme.
Introduces a portable version which can run from any flash drive.

12 Sept. 2006 - V7.30
This update allows WebM8 v7 files to be transferred either way between WebM8 and the U3 Smartdrive version.

9 Sept. 2006 - V7.23
Fixes bug deleting a library.

4 Sept. 2006 - V7.22
Option to move data now works between different disks..

21 Aug 2006 - V7.21
New Features
Ability to change font size which was originally for Vista only is now available in all Windows versions.

25 July 2006 - V7.20
Now fully compatible with the Windows Vista operating system
New Features
Built in backup and separate Administrator/User access levels.

8 July 2006 - V7.11
Fixes the occasional bug of the paste window losing "On Top" status.

3 July 2006 - V7.10
Adds support for financial logon forms which ask for three characters from your password or "Memorable Info.".

26 June 2006
First release

WebM8 - V6

There is now a master password to activate the program. If you leave your PC unattended, you can deactivate either manually or after a fixed time period with no activity. In each library, you can elect to have the names maintained in alphabetic order. The entire interface has been rewritten to adopt the Windows XP style and the cliboard window now has two sizes, one showing 9 clips without scrolling and one showing 23.


19 Jun 2006 - V6.20
All file encryption upgraded to Blowfish 256 bit encryption.(6.10)
Adds a package of anti-hacker measures to the executable file.(6.20)

9 May 2006 - V6.04
Now compatible with Internet Explorer 7

3 Mar 2006 - V6.01

Whenever the Options window is opened, the program re-tests to see if the user is an administrator thus overcoming the problem of the common data option occasionally being greyed out.

29 Jul 2005 - V6.00
First release

04 Feb 2005 - V5.00
Now runs in limited user accounts. All Windows users now have separate, private data libraries. Additionally, administrator users have access to a common shared data library. If you are upgrading from any previous version, your current data will be in the shared data library.

19 Feb 1005 - V5.01
Fixes problem launching web pages in Windows 2000


From version 5, the installation program adds the program shortcuts to the all users desktop. If you have any previous version, your old shortcuts will not be over written. You will have duplicates. For the desktop shortcut, this is no great problem, just right click on one and delete it. However, you will also have two shortcuts on your startup menu, so two copies of the program will start when you restart or re-login. To complicate matters, where there are two shortcuts to the same program on the Windows XP startup menu, only one icon is displayed so it appears as if there is only one.

To save problems, we recommend that you delete all three shortcuts to your old version before installing the new one.(Desktop, Programs Menu and Startup Menu)

If you have already installed and you have two copies of the program starting at start up, you need to delete one of the entries on your startup menu.

If you are unsure how to delete items from your startup menu, click here.