We no longer supply Titan to new users. Development of this program ceased some time ago and it has some incompatibilities with recent versions of Microsoft Office, Open Office and other programs. These incompatibilities will not be fixed.

If you do not already have Titan, please try the Spartan Multi Clipboard which has many more features and is in continuous development.

If you have already bought Titan and need a replacement copy, drop us an email.

Titan - V1.00 - Released 3 Aug 2007


7 Apr 2008 - V1.70
1. New sizable text editor with undo, redo, search and print.
2. Change view from the keyboard with F12

1 Mar 2008 - V1.63
Fix for compatibility with Vista Snipping Tool.
(Also cures "Run Time 380" Errors)

26 Feb 08 - V1.62
1. Option for a one second delay before edge buttons appear.
2. Outlook pasting format for graphics is now optional.
3. Creating a graphic clip when a graphic file is copied is now optional.
4. Single click "Clear the Clipboard" item now on the right click menu.
5. Right click on a form filling button sends the TAB key.
6. Ctrl+C now works in clip preview.
7. Deleted clips are now moved to a "Deleted Clips" group.
8. If you drop a new clip from the clipboard on an existing clip in a group, the
    clip contents are replaced but the old clip name and highlight color are retained.

17 Feb 2008 - V1.51
Fixes hangup bug in the text search facility.
Fixes the graphics editor problem of text items with more than one paragraph having the second and subsequent paragraphs aligned with the left edge of the graphic clip after saving.

10 Dec 07 - V1.50
Fixes bug when copying from Microsoft Excel under the Vista operating system.

27 Nov 07 - V1.37
1. Fixes bug of edit and highlight window appearing behind main window in floating column mode.
2. Program now starts at same screen position even if it was shutdown in floating column or strip mode.
3. Fixes problem of not always restarting after shutdown under Vista Aeroglass Theme.

11 Nov 07 - V1.36
1. Activation buttons do not appear within 1 Inch of screen corners.
2. Clicking the system tray icon during a backup no longer interrupts it.
3. If clip preview is turned off, you can still pick from clips in the graphics editor.
4. There are now three options for positioning the clip preview window.

25 Oct 07 - V1.35
Fixes bug of program occasionally popping up when only one of the hot keys is pressed e.g. pressing S when Ctrl+S is the hot key.

12 Oct 07 - V1.34
Fixes problem copying from the reply window in MS Outlook.

3 Oct 07 - V1.33
Further fix for Excel problems.

30 Sep 07 - V1.32
Fixes the problem of MS Word creating bookmarks during the copy process.

29 Sep 07 - V1.31
Fixes bug opening the options window under Windows 98.
Fixes bug in option to start when Windows starts.

12 Sep 07 - V1.30
Fixes bug when copying from Microsoft Excel.

5 Sep 2007 - V1.30
You can now choose a font for the main display and there are shortcut keys to change group.

22 Aug 2007 - V1.20
Several minor fixes:

1. Hitting Esc with the find dialog no longer minimizes Titan
2. The preview window no longer covers the menu line.
3. There is now a separate minimize button.
4. Vista and XP theme buttons display correctly.

15 Aug 2007 - V1.10
Viewer now positions correctly in Floating Column and Floating Strip modes.

8 Aug 2007 - V1.02
Viewer is hidden during drag operations.