21 June 2007 - V1.00 released


23 Mar 08 - V1.30 (Paid versions only)
New sizable editor with undo / redo and print.

9 Mar 08 - V1.24
Adds text search within the editor.

29 Feb 08 - V1.23
Fixes bug in the text search facility.

29 Nov 07 - V1.22
Fixes bug of program not re-starting after shutdown in the Vista Aeroglass theme.
Activation buttons do not appear within one inch of the screen corners.

26 Oct 07 - V1.21
Fixes bug of program occasionally popping up when only one of the hot keys is pressed e.g. pressing S when Ctrl+S is the hot key.

6 Sep 07 - V1.20
Adds keyboard shortcuts to change group..

30 Aug 07 - V1.10
There are now three options for the viewer position, in the window corners, in the screen corners or manual positioning. You can also select the font for the program.

12 Aug 07 - V1.02
The viewer position is now contained within the main window.

1 July 07 - V1.01
Bug Fix