We no longer supply M8 to new users. Development of this program ceased some time ago and it has some incompatibilities with recent versions of Microsoft Office, Open Office and other programs. These incompatibilities will not be fixed.

If you do not already have M8, please try the Spartan Multi Clipboard which has many more features and is in continuous development.

If you have already bought M8 and need a replacement copy, drop us an email.


M8 Multi Clipboard - V9.73

V9 adds a graphics clip editor. You can add text and clip art to screen shots or digital photos and you can create your own clip art from scratch. As well as creating or editing graphic clips, you can also save your graphics to file in bitmap, JPEG or GIF format.

Important Upgrade Note
The new version initially looks for its data in the default data folder for the Windows operating system in use. If you upgrade from an older version where your clips were stored in /Data under the program folder (the "Common Data" location), they will not be visible when you restart V9. All you have to do is click the "Data location, backup and font size" button in the "Options" window where you can select that folder.

Updates......... If you have already purchased a full version, upgrade by downloading from the link you were given in your purchase confirmation email.

20 Oct 2006 - V9.73
Activation buttons and dialogs are now screen aware on dual monitor systems.
Minimize after paste option now applies to Net, FF, Dial, and Email buttons as well as pasting.

10 Oct 2006 - V9.72
The options button on the clipboard and viewer display now loads the correct options screen.
Fixes having to press the function key twice to display the clipboard after a paste.

9 Oct 2006 - V9.71
When pasting letters have been hidden, they can be restored with the left or right arrow keys.

12 Sept 2006 - V9.70
This is an update for compatibility with FlashClips, our U3 Smartdrive portable clipboard.
FlashClips lets you take your clipboard with you on a U3 flashdrive and use it on any other computer.
Some composite clips (Clips containing both text and graphics) have to be modified in order to paste on a machine from which they were not copied. This modification process is included in M8 V9.70 as well as FlashClips so clip libraries can be transferred either way between the two systems using the inbuilt backup and restore.

4 Sept. 2006 - V9.63
The move data option now works between different disk drives.
Clips which have been backed up from one user name can be restored into another user name.

16 August 2006 - V9.62
Fixes bug copying full lines from Excel.
Fixes minor display problems in v9.60 8 Aug 2006
New Features
Built in backup
Automatic resize of large images pasted into Outlook Express
Option to dial via the Windows dialer.

14 July 2006 - V9.51
Fixes occasional bug when copying picture files.

24 May 2006 - V9.50
Fixes occasional problem of multiple text clips.

17 May 2006 - V9.42
Fixes hangup when an icon file (.ico) was copied from My Computer.
Fixes slight delay in copy routine when sound is selected.

5 May 2006 - V9.41
Now compatible with Internet Explorer 7

18 Apr 2006 - V9.32

Fixes minor bug in the paragraph text cleanup service

12 Apr 2006 - V9.31
New features:

Adds email > stripping to the text clean up services.

11 Apr 2006 - V9.30
New features:

The text editor now includes clean up services to strip out html, hard returns within paragraphs, surplus lines, spaces and non ASCII charactes. There is also a service to replace single carriage returns with carriage return, line feed pairs.

6 Apr 2006 - V9.22

Speed improvement to clip saving routine.

30 Mar 2006 - V9.21

Patch to prevent problems when a clip file is wrongly identified and deleted by McAfee Anti Virus.

20 Mar 2006 - V9.20
New features:

Adds a Windows clipboard history where you can scroll through the last 300 clips.
New options to hide the dial, email, web, run and open buttons.

6 Mar 2006 - V9.12

Modem Auto-Find now works with processor speeds above 2.5 Ghz

28 Feb 2006 - V9.11
New features:

Under Windows XP, copying a single graphic file in My Computer now creates two clips on the clipboard. The first is the file clip which can be pasted into another folder and the second is a graphic clip which contains the graphic from the file which was copied.
Whenever the Options window is opened, the program re-tests to see if the user is an administrator thus overcoming the problem of the common data option occasionally being greyed out.

9 Feb 2006 - V9.10
New features:

Ability to preselect multiple clips for copy, move, delete and bulk paste operations.
Option for sound when new clips are captured
Clear Windows clipboard button
Indirect paste mode no longer canceled when clipboard and viewer is selected

16 Jan 2006 - V9.03
Fixes the occasional bug of the "c" key not working when M8 is running.

12 Jan 2006 - V9.02
Unformatted text can now be pasted from the keyboard. (Use Ctrl + the pasting key.)

30 Nov 2005 - V9.01
Now pastes correctly into Open Office.


M8 Multi Clipboard - V8

In V8 the concept of "Palettes" has been dropped. Instead, you can display any group or the clipboard in any of the three columns. Form filling has been changed from an on / off option to a button which appears over the clip name, similar to the text stripping button. You have the option to display clips in alphabetic order and the entire interface has been rewritten to adopt the XP Style.


5 May 2006 - V8.51
Now compatible with Internet Explorer 7

30 Mar 2006 - V8.42

Patch to prevent problems when a clip file is wrongly identified and deleted by McAfee Anti Virus.

30 Nov 2005 - V8.41
Now compatible with Open Office

4 Oct 2005 - V8.40
Fixes distorted fonts in the small buttons on machines that do not support Small Fonts size 7.

30 Sep 2005 - V8.31
Minor bug fix - fixes hangup if clip definition files have been deleted by another program.

31 Aug 2005 - V8.30
The search facility now has three options, find group names, find clip names and find text in text clips.
The text viewer can be extended to show up to 64k of text
Groups can be moved from one column to another

24 Aug 2005 - V8.21
Open and Run buttons now recognize system environment variables and unmapped network drives.

2 Aug 2005 - V8.2
Fixes bug of occasionally pasting the letter v instead of the clip.

30 July 2005 - V8.12
Fixes bug of clipboard and viewer display losing "On Top" status after minimizing.

8 July 2005 - V8.1
Adds two new features:
1. There are now Back and Forward buttons allowing you to quickly re-show sets.
2. You can now save log on clips ( Username, password Etc.) with web site clips and they are displayed in a mini clipboard when you click a Web button.

26 June 2005 - V8.02
Fixes minor problem selecting favorite sets.

23 June 2005 - V8.01
Fixes occasional bug in "Select from Recent Groups" display.

M8 Multi Clipboard V7

26 Jan 05 - V7.00
Now runs in limited user accounts. All Windows users now have separate, private clip libraries. Additionally, administrator users have access to a common shared clip library. If you are upgrading from any previous version, your current clips will be in the shared clip library.


2 Feb 2005 - V7.02
Fixes backward compatibility with Windows 98.

11 Feb 2005 - V7.03
Minor change for compatibility with U2Paster

15 Feb 2005 - V7.04
Allows switching back to free version after registration.

18 Feb 2005 - V7.05
Fixes problem launching web pages under Windows 2000

19 Feb 2005 - V7.06
Fixes problem opening non .exe files.

23 Apr 2005 - V7.08
Faster routine for clearing the clipboard.

25 Apr 2005 - V7.09
Open buttons now correctly launch Windows Picture and Fax Viewer when it is the default viewer for graphics files.

06 May 2005 - V7.10
Phone dialing now works with many non Hayes compatible modems..




From version 7, the installation program adds the program shortcuts to the all users desktop. If you have any previous version, your old shortcuts will not be over written. You will have duplicates. For the desktop shortcut, this is no great problem, just right click on one and delete it. However, you will also have two shortcuts on your startup menu, so two copies of the program will start when you restart or re-login. To complicate matters, where there are two shortcuts to the same program on the Windows XP startup menu, only one icon is displayed so it appears as if there is only one.

To save problems, we recommend that you delete all three shortcuts to your old version before installing the new one.(Desktop, Programs Menu and Startup Menu)

If you have already installed and you have two copies of the program starting at start up, you need to delete one of the entries on your startup menu.

If you are unsure how to delete items from your startup menu, click here.