New in V12.10

Changing views with F1 to F8 is now done with Ctrl+F1 to Ctrl+F8.

Bulk pasting items in the yellow area can now be done from the Edit Menu.

Sending Key Strokes

To make a clip which sends key strokes, start a text clip with [Key]

You can send any alpha numeric key plus Enter, Tab, Backspace, Delete, Home, End, Up, Down, Left, Right ,PgUp ,PgDn, F1 to F12 and you can include Shift, Ctrl and Alt. Single keys can be repeated by adding * No..

Single Key Examples....

[Key] F12
[Key] Ctrl + End
[Key] Down * 6

Multiple Key Example....

You can send multiple key strokes by using a self splitting clip. To create a clip which will clear data from an input field by sending Home followed by shift end followed by backspace, start a new text clip and type....

[Key] Home;[Key] Shift+End;[Key] Backspace

Then select "Create or modify self splitting clip" from the Format menu. Select "Semi Colon" for the separator and "Use my [Key] clips" for the "Splits to..." entry.

Mixed Key and Clip Example....

To automate the log on to a web site that has a User name field followed by a password field followed by a log on button. Type....

Your Username;[Key] Tab;Your Password;[Key] Tab;[Key] Enter

Then convert it to a self splitting clip as in the example above.


1. The semi colons in the examples could have been any separator selectable in the dialog above.

2. The [Key] must be the first characters, no leading spaces

3. You can only send plain text from a clip created in the text editor. To mix keys with clips which have formatting, make the formatted clips hot key or macro clips and send the hot key or macro from the self splitting clip.


[key]sig,,;[Key] Enter *2;[Key]cw,,

Where sig,, is a macro for your signature block and cw,, is a macro for a copyright notice.
(To type sig,, without triggering the macro, type ,, right arrow twice and type sig)

4. Pasting macro clips from a self splitting clip depends on there being enough time between each of the self splitting elements for the macro to be injected. You can adjust this time with the Bulk Delay setting in Options (General) on the Tools menu.