M8 Free Clipboard Version History

27 Feb 2016 - V23.08
Fixes bug in the V23 built in Backup and restore system.

23 Feb 2016 - V23.07
Fixes the problem of the main window scrolling unnecessarily when dragging clips toward the top or bottom of the display.
The initial position of the logon dialog is changed to centre screen from top right of screen where it was often obscured by the preview window.

22 Feb 2016 - V23.06
Fixes bug in the Year Planner Editor where the Enter Key caused it to save and exit.
The bulk pasting options dialog now has the caption "Bulk Paste Options"
The Views and Sheets dialog now has the caption "Views & Sheets Control Panel"

25 Jan 2016 - V23.04
The delete key now deletes selected clips (As per previous versions) instead of the last clip captured.

22 Jan 2016 - V23.03
1. On multiple monitor setups, the program no longer has to be restarted when monitor relative positions are changed.
2. The help menu now includes a "Graphics Problems" item on machines using XP style Dpi. scaling.

12 Jan 2016 - V23.02
Three fixes to the graphics editor.
1. On dual monitor setups, the graphics editor control panels can now be dragged correctly on the secondary monitor.
2. Where dual monitors are of different sizes, the graphics editor control panels position correctly on either.
3. Graphic editor text elements now size correctly on high dpi scaling monitors when merged or saved.

31 Dec 2015 - V23.01
The split clip utility now works for multi-line segments.
The find and replace utility can now find and replace multi-line text.

19 Oct 2015 - V23
Adds the ability to send key strokes to the active application. See Details Here.

6 Oct 2015 - V21.05
Fixes non scrolling bug in the copy multiple clips viewer.

29 Sep 2015 - V21.04
Fixes false activations of the Anti-Virus interferance dialog..

23 Sep 2015 - V21.03
Fixes bug in Copy / Multiple Windows clips to one Spartan Clip which caused long web pages to scroll when copied from.

20 Sep 2015 - V21.02
Fix for compatibility with McAfee
Also fixes bug in 12.01 which prevented activation by hot key and tray icon.

18 Sep 2015 - V21.01
Fix for compatibility with Kaspersky's "Safe Money" feature.

15 Sep 2015 - V21.00 Released
V21 is a major re-write to maximize the advantages of Windows 10 and high resolution monitors........

The grid sizing is now similar to the Windows Scaling ( 100% to 400%).
Users with more than one monitor can set scaling separately for each monitor.
Within each scale there are small, medium and large adjustments to the font size.
New option to have the yellow slots cleared on shutdown.

26 Jul 2015 - V20.31
Fixes bug that caused the Spartan mouse pointer to flash the busy cursor after copying a large amount of text.

2 Jul 2015 - V20.30
Now fully compatible with hi resolution, 4k monitors.
From V11.30 XP style Dpi scaling is no longer supported.

18 Apr 2015 - V20.20
Fixes main display problem on 4k monitors

18 Apr 2015 - V20.12
Fixes minor bugs in v20.10 / 20.11.....
Automatic formatting now recognizes separator characters in quotation marks.
Automatic formatting is canceled if only empty cells are copied.
When text for a "Copy into" is from MS Excel, the trailing carriage return is automatically removed.
A Copy Into menu selection is now automatically canceled when a multiple copy menu selection is made.

17 Apr 2015 - V20.11
Fixes bug of Esc key not minimizing M8 after a text search.
Fixes bug in self-splitting clips where a separator character within quotes still caused a split.
Ctrl+Del and Ctrl+Backspace now delete the next / previous word in the text editor.
Option to fix display for Hebrew language pack.

14 Apr 2015 - V20.10
New - "Copy" menu.
New - Copy into feature.
New - Copy multiple Windows clips to one M8 Clip.
See Video Demo.

24 Mar 2015 - V20.06
Fixes bug - Copying from multiple cells with "New Line" as the separator now works correctly..

18 Mar 2015 - V20.05
Fixes bug - Launching the control panel by clicking both mouse buttons over an empty cell could cause Spartan to minimize.
Fixes bug - Options (This View) sometimes left greyed out after visiting the hot key or macro views.
Adds the ability to cut as well as copy from the history and deleted clips sheets.

1 Mar 2015 - V20.04
Corrects a minor bug in v20.03. (The right click menu could occasionally launch the editor without being clicked)

26 Feb 2015 - V20.03
The spread sheet users package!

Split and combine clips. - Copy from and paste to multiple cells.

17 Feb 2015 - V20.02
Where a clip contains both text and a graphic, you now have the choice of which you wish to use.

There are five additions to the Paste Menu......
   Paste and move to next cell across.
   Paste and move to next cell down
   Paste and move to next line
   Paste and leave a blank line
   Paste and tab

In addition to the predefined special function buttons, there are now three custom function buttons, one red, one green and one blue. You can allocate any of the items on the paste menu to one or more of the custom function buttons.

04 Jan 2015 - V20.01
If you minimize the text editor and then try to edit another clip, Spartan restores the clip edit window from the task bar automatically.

02 Jan 2015 - V20.00
Adds a spell checker

16 Dec 2014 - V19.44
Bug fixes. Fixes bug causing the current font not to be selected when changing fonts in the text or graphics editor. Fixes bug whereby text clips which had been edited in Spartan were not fully text processed when "Plain Text" was selected in the Paste menu.

24 Nov 2014 - V19.43
Bug fix. Fixes bug causing hot keys using Alt + another key not to work. Also allows function keys 1 to 10 to be used as activation keys overriding their action to change views.

10 Nov 2014 - V19.42
Minor improvement to Dedicated Shortcuts. In v10.40 and 10.41 when you used a dedicated shortcut, the existing Windows clipboard contents were erased. This no longer happens.

5 Nov 2014 - V19.41
Bug fix. Fixes bug when F11 or F12 was used as activation hot key.

23 Oct 2014 - V19.40
1. Dedicated Shortcut Clips. Clips which display the Run, Open, Eml or Net buttons can now be set to work as shortcuts without the need to click the special function button. This means that you can create clips which will open files or web pages when using the keyboard only and when using hot key or macro clips. To create a dedicated shortcut clip, add <@> to the end of the text. For Example.....

m8software.com Will paste m8software.com and display the Net button.
m8software.com<@> will open the M8 Software web site.

2. Minor improvement to Macro Clips. If you have macros abc,, and xabc,, typing the second macro will not trigger the first macro as it could in previous versions.

3.This update has a fix for compatibility with the forthcomming Windows 10. Unless Microsoft fix it, Windows 10 crashes all previous versions of Spartan when a Net, Open or Run button is clicked!

8 Oct 2014 - V19.32
Bug fix. Fixes bug where the "Run" button would not run certain programs with splash screens.
Also fixes the problem of Chrome opening two tabs when called from a Net button under Windows 8..

2 Oct 2014 - V19.31
Bug fix. Fixes bug where the "Open" button would not open files with file extensions longer than 3 characters.

21 Sep 2014 - V10.30
Don't want the NSA reading your emails? You can now encrypt them with Spartan (How it works)
(Video Demo)
The portable edition now includes the option to start when Windows starts.
You can now change sheets with Ctrl + and Ctrl -
Fixed bug in the option to "Remind when the clipboard is full".

29 Aug 2014 - V19.21
Bug fix. The Maximum length for a sheet name is 20 characters.
In versions 19.10 to 19.20, it was possible to enter a longer name and doing so, corrupted existing sheet names. This can no longer happen.

12 Aug 2014 - V19.20
New feature: Hot key and macro clips can now be used to open web sites, files or folders, start programs or start emails to a given address. All you have to do is save a file path, web site or email address as a hot key or macro clip and M8 will treat it as if you had clicked the Net, Eml, Open or Run button for it.

If you want a hot key or macro to paste the text of such a clip, just add a space at the end. For Example...

The macro clip... "m8software.com" will open the M8 website
The macro clip... "m8software.com " will paste the text "m8software.com "

17 Jul 2014 - V19.12
Minor bug fix.
If you used the options "Warn when clipboard is full" together with "Do not show in task bar", the clipboard full reminder did not always appear and if you clicked on the system tray icon at this time, Spartan would hang up.

7 May 2014 - V19.11
From V19.11, whenever M8 captures a clip which contains both a text and graphic format, the text is used for the clip name but the graphic is shown in the viewer. If you elect to edit such a clip, you are offered the option of editing either the text or the graphic but not both.

5 May 2014 - V19.10
You can now choose your own colors for highlighting clip names.
You can now Alt+Tab in and out of the graphics editor.
Where the clipboard holds both text and graphic formats, the graphic format is now shown in the preview window.
Fixes the "Search Canceled" dialog appearing twice.
Fixes bug where giving the same name to two graphic files did not invoke an error message.
Fixes bug where using rename/highlight corrupted year planner entries created in versions prior to V10

10 Mar 2014 - V19.041
Fixes bug preventing the "Start when Windows Starts" option from working.

9 Mar 2014 - V19.04
Fixes bug where Rename/Highlight corrupts clips created in versions prior to V19

7 Mar 2014 - V19.03
Fixes bug where V19 would not paste with NumLock on.

27 Feb 2014 - V19.02
Adds support for Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Etc..

8 Jun 2013 - V17.21
Fixes Excel problem in V8.20.

8 Jun 2013 - V17.20
Fix to copy graphics from IE 10 and AOL Browsers.

28 Feb 2013 - V17.19
The new user's intro. screen now links directly to the "Getting started" video. There are no functional changes to the software.

15 Feb 2013 - V17.18
Fixes a minor bug which caused the viewer to be left on screen if Ctrl+Click was used to paste clips with the "Minimize after pasting" option set.

5 Nov 2012 - V17.17
In previous versions, users with Setpoint had to use the Setpoint option not to warn when NumLock or CapsLock changed. This is no longer necessary.

23 Aug 2012 - V17.16
Adds link to new User Support Forum.
Clip Capture delay added to avoid keyboard repeat problems with Ctrl+C.

12 Aug 2012 - V17.15
Fixes problem on Italian keyboards where logon sets would not paste the "." character.

4 Aug 2012 - V17.14
Fixes minor bug in the fast access button display.

26 Jul 2012 - V17.13
Adds a routine to report when another program locks the clipboard.

4 Jul 2012 - V17.12
Fixes the v17 bug where the logon dialog would not accept two character passwords.

10 Jun 2012 - V17.11
Fixes the v17 bug where the "Open" button instead of the Run button appeared over a program file clip.

3 Jun 2012 - V17.10
Adds link to on line video tutorial. (Video Tutorial)

5 May 2012 - V17.00
Adds the new features of Spartan v8

7 Mar 2012 - V16.18
Fixes occasional run time error 384 on startup under 64 bit systems.

12 Feb 2012 - V16.17
Now compatible with custom text size (DPI) without the need to use XP Style scaling.

3 Feb 2012 - V16.16
Fixes bug where large clips from MS Excel created unreadable files.

4 Jan 2012 - V16.15
Fixes conflict between hot keys and accent characters on non English keyboards.

2 Dec 2011 - V16.14
Installer change only. Installer now adds shortcuts to the all users desktop and start menu.

30 Oct 2011 - V16.12
Minor bug fix

29 Oct 2011 - V16.11
Fixes conflict with the ^ key on French keyboards
Adds option to save large graphic clips in Bitmap format

12 Oct 2011 - V16.10
The text clean up functions previously only available via the Txt buttons can now be applied directly to the Windows clipboard. You can now copy formatted text, say from a Web page, and paste only the plain text directly with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.

Free Clip V16.00 - Released 18 Sep 2011
V16 has 25 permanent storage slots

10 August 2011 - V15.05
Fixes conflict between Excel and M8 image size reduction pasting.

7 July 2011 - V15.04
Fixes bug sorting clips A to Z.
Enables hot key clips.

18 June 2011 - V15.02
Fixes bug where the mouse wheel could crash the picture browser.

13 June 2011 - V15.01
Minor change to default settings only

30 May 2011 - V15.00
Pop up advert for Spartan removed
500 permanent clip cells added
Photo browser added

2 May 2011 - V14.00
Pop up advert for Spartan reinstated.

10 Jan 2011 - V13.00
Pop up advert for Spartan discontinued.

Apr 2010 - V12.04
Fixes bug whereby the program could hang up if a corrupt graphic file was captured.

19 May 2009 - V12.03
Minor fix for compatibility with Windows 7.

11 Aug 2008 - V12.02
Fixes hot key activation where the Alt key is used.

8 Jul 2008 - V12.01
Fixes occasional hangup on help menu selection.

14 Jun 2008 - V12.00
Now has all features of 25 Clips but includes advertising for Spartan

1 Mar 2008 - V11.10
Fix for compatibility with Vista Snipping Tool. (Also cures "Run Time 380" Errors)

13 Dec 07 - V11.07
1. Fixes bug when copying from Microsoft Excel under the Vista operating system.
2. Fixes problem of not always restarting after shutdown under Vista Aeroglass Theme.
3. Fixes bug of program occasionally popping up when only one of the hot keys is pressed e.g. pressing S when Ctrl+S is the hot key.
4. Fixes bug of "Confirm Delete" dialog still appearing when canceled in Options.


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