We no longer supply FlashClips to new users. Development of this program ceased some time ago and it has some incompatibilities with recent versions of Microsoft Office, Open Office and other programs. These incompatibilities will not be fixed.

If you do not already have FlashClips, please try the Spartan Multi Clipboard which has many more features and is in continuous development.

If you have already bought FlashClips and need a replacement copy, drop us an email.

FlashClips - V1.02


20 Oct 2006 - V1.02
Activation buttons and dialogs are now screen aware on dual monitor systems.
Minimize after paste option now applies to Net, FF, Dial, and Email buttons as well as pasting.
Fixes having to press the function key twice to display the clipboard after a paste.

11 Oct 2006 - V1.01

The options button on the clipboard and viewer only display connects correctly to the options window