Moving Spartan to another Computer

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Moving Spartan to another Computer

Postby johnturnbull » Sun May 05, 2013 1:22 pm

On the old computer, go to Backup and Restore on the tools menu and backup all your data to a removable USB or writable CD drive.

If you have the installation file you downloaded when you bought Spartan, run it on the new computer to install.

If you don't have the installation file, copy the Spartan program folder, C:\Program files\Spartan Standard, (C:\Program files\Spartan on older versions) to the new computer using your USB or CD drive. Create a start up icon on the new computer by right clicking on the desktop, choosing New / Shortcut. Click the browse button, navigate to the Spartan folder and select the Spartanclips.exe file.(Spartan.exe on older versions) Try starting Spartan from your shortcut. If you get the message that Spartan cannot start because the file Msvbvm50.dll is missing, you have an old version where this file was installed in the Windows\system32 folder. You can either go back to the old PC and copy it over, or you can download it from here:- You can put it in C:\Windows\system32 or in C:\Program files\Spartan on the new PC. Either is OK.

Start Spartan on the new computer, go to Backup and Restore on the Tools menu and restore your clips from the backup on your USB or CD drive.


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