If a virus found in Spartan

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If a virus found in Spartan

Postby johnturnbull » Sat Oct 15, 2016 1:42 pm

Firstly, all software downloadable from the M8 web site is virus free. If your anti-virus program reports an infection in Spartan, there are two possible reasons.......

1. Spartan has been infected on your computer.
2. Your anti-virus software is in "Reputation Mode" and the Spartan version you have has not yet been added to its "Clean List"........

Many modern anti-virus programs operate in what they term "Reputation Mode". Instead of testing software against a list of known malware to see if it is infected, they simply check to see if it is on a list of known safe software (Clean List) and report it as malware if it is not. Whenever a small company like M8 releases a new version, it can take some time before these "Reputation" systems include it on their safe list.

If your anti-virus complains about Spartan you can........


There is an Internet site called VirusTotal.com which will scan any file on your computer with all known anti-virus programs.

Click here to have your file scanned by VirusTotal.com


If your Anti-virus is Jiangmin and is reporting Backdoor.MSIL.mnw, This is a fault in Jiangmin.

If your anti-virus is Kaspersky, and is reporting Trojan.Win32.Generic, try here.....
Kaspersky Support


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