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Copy image from Outlook Email

Postby johnturnbull » Sat Apr 16, 2016 6:32 pm

Outlook does not allow you to copy an image directly from a received email. There are various workarounds for this depending on which version of Outlook you have.

The universal solution is.......
1. With the incoming email window selected, Press Alt+Prt Scr
2. Right click on the clip Spartan captures
3. Crop out the image you want.

Version Specific workarounds
In Outlook 2003
1. Choose "Forward" from the menu system.
2. When the Forward window opens, right click on the copy image and select Copy.
3. Cancel the forward.
In Outlook 2010
1. Select the graphic.
2. Right click and select "Format picture"
3. Select "Layout"
4. Select "in front of text"
You can now copy
In Outlook 2013
1. Choose "Forward" from the menu system
2. Right click on the graphic in the forward window
3. Under "Paste Options", select the second icon "Picture (U)"
4. Right click and copy on the upper graphic.
In Outlook 2016
Use the View in Browser option and copy it from there.

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