Using Spartan with spreadsheets

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J W Durham

Using Spartan with spreadsheets

Postby J W Durham » Fri Aug 29, 2014 8:33 am

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At first it was not obvious to me how to copy the formula (not its result) in a spreadsheet. Since other users might share this concern, here are my suggestions to them:
(1) You can still use the spreadsheet's Ctrl+C copy function inside the spreadsheet program. It works as it always has. Ignore what appears on the Spartan clip display, which is only the formula result.
(2) If you need to copy the formula using Spartan, edit the formula (F2 key in MS Excel and Libre Office Calc - I don't know about other spreadsheets). The formula will appear in your cell. Highlight the whole formula using the spreadsheet's cursor key (or mouse), and copy using Ctrl+C. Spartan will then copy the formula, including the crucial = sign at the beginning. Later, when using Spartan to paste the formula, what goes into a spreadsheet cell will be the whole formula, including the = sign. Your spreadsheet cell will then contain the formula, not just a calculation result.
In other words, Spartan works just fine with spreadsheets, but the copying and pasting of formulas requires a little bit of getting used to.

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