Macro or hot key strange behaviour

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Macro or hot key strange behaviour

Postby johnturnbull » Sun Aug 17, 2014 10:12 am

Macro opens web site instead of pasting web address.
Hot key opens web site instead of pasting web address
Macro launches email instead if pasting email address
Hot key launches email instead of pasting email address
Macro hot key problem

This is a change to macro behavior from 12 Aug 2014 - V10.20
New feature: Hot key and macro clips can now be used to open web sites, files or folders, start programs or start emails to a given address. All you have to do is save a file path, web site or email address as a hot key or macro clip and Spartan will treat it as if you had clicked the Net, Eml, Open or Run button for it.

If you want a hot key or macro to paste the text of such a clip, just add a space at the end. For Example...

The macro clip... "" will open the M8 website
The macro clip... " " will paste the text " "
The macro clip..."" will start an email to
The macroclip..." " will paste the text ""

Note.... This feature has been replaced by dedicated Shortcut clips at V10.40.


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