The multi-clipboard is now full

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The multi-clipboard is now full

Postby johnturnbull » Fri Aug 08, 2014 10:42 am

The message "The multi-clipboard is now full" does not mean Spartan has stopped recording new clips!

Some people like to be reminded when the 25 incoming slots are full. This allows them to decide which, if any, of the clips they want to move to the white area. They then clear down the incoming area for the next 25.

Other people prefer to always have the yellow slots showing the last 25 clips

If you are in the first camp, clear the slots here....

Untitled 001.jpg
Untitled 001.jpg (11.14 KiB) Viewed 595 times

If not, turn the reminder off here...

TurnOffReminder.jpg (70 KiB) Viewed 1715 times


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