M8 Software End User Licenses

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M8 Software End User Licenses

Postby johnturnbull » Sun Aug 26, 2012 9:01 am

Full Versions
All M8 software products are protected by copyright. Copyright law provides that licensees may use only as many copies as they have purchased licenses for. (To install a full version on one computer, one license is required. To install a full version on ten computers, ten licenses are required.)

M8 Software also grant license owners the right to make additional copies for the following two purposes:

1. Backup Copies
You may make additional copies for backup purposes. Backup copies are copies which exist on disk and are not run on a computer. Their sole purpose is to replace licensed copies should they become corrupt or lost due to hardware failure.

2. Licensee's Alternate Computer
Where a licensee owns two computers and he/she is the only user of both machines, the licensee may install a copy on both machines without purchasing a second license.

Free Versions
Free versions may be used, distributed or reproduced free of charge. They may not be modified or sold.

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