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I bought and installed a full version but it still says it's a trial version.

There are three common causes for this problem:

1. You did not run the full version installer

2. You installed the full version while the trial version was still running and ignored the message to restart your computer.

3. You downloaded the full version installer to a folder which still contained the installer for the trial version and then ran the trial version installer again by mistake.

If you have this problem: (Assuming Spartan is the program)

1. In the trial version, select Options (General) on the Tools menu and set Start when Windows starts to "No".

2. On the view menu, click "Exit".

3. Open the folder you downloaded to and check that you are running the full version installer. All full version installers start with "setup" and all trial versions start with "install". For instance, if you have both installers for the Spartan standard edition, the full version installer is setup_spartanhd.exe and the trial version installer is install_spartanhd.exe.

4. Restart the program and check it is the full version. The full version does not show this....

on the menu line.

5. Go back to Options(General) on the tools menu and set Start when Windows starts to "Yes".

We suggest that you delete the trial version and make a backup copy of the full version.


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