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I cannot remember my master password for WebM8

If you forget your master password for WebM8, then you cannot access any data which you have saved.

To restart a new data set:

1. Close WebM8

2. Locate and delete the WebM8_Data_Files folder

3. Restart WebM8 - You will then be asked to supply a new master password and you can reenter you data.

Locating the WebM8_Data_Files folder.

In the portable version, it is located in the program folder.

In the hard disk version

The default location under Vista is C:\Users\(Your user name)\AppData\roaming\M8 Software\

The default location under XP is C:\Documents and settings\(Your user name)\Application Data\M8 Software\

If you have used the option to use a different folder and cannot remember what it was use the Windows Search / For files or folders to locate it.


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