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To download and install trial versions.

This tutorial assumes you are installing the M8 Multi Clipboard under Windows XP - Other Windows versions may have slight variations.

1. Click the download link for the program you want.

When you see this dialog - Click the "Save" button

When you see this dialog, select "Desktop" as the folder to save in and click "Save":

You will then see a progress bar as the file downloads. When it completes, click the "Run" button.

2. You may or may not see this dialog. If you do, click "Run" again.

The installation will then start with this screen

There are several introductory screens which may apply to you. If they don't, click "Next" to each. When you reach this screen:

We suggest that you click "Next" to use the suggested folder.
If you install to another folder, remember where you put it. Should you decide to buy the full version later, you will have to install it to the same place.

When the installation completes, you may or may not see this dialog:

If you do, restart your computer.

3. After completing the installation, you will have two new icons on your desktop.

The one shown left is the installation file and the one shown right is the shortcut to start the program. For evaluation copies, there is no reason to keep the installation file. Right click on it and click delete. ( If you wish to keep it, right click on it and click cut. Then paste it to a suitable folder somewhere else on your PC.)

Double click the right icon to start the program. ( If you restarted your PC, the program will start automatically )


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