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To download full versions and replace trial versions

This tutorial assumes you are installing the M8 Multi Clipboard under Windows XP - Other Windows versions may have slight variations.

1. When you order your full version, you will be given the download link to the full version installation file. Click the link. ( If your email program does not allow this, copy the link and paste it into your browsers address box and click "go". )

This dialog will then open - Click the "Save" button

When you see this dialog, select "Desktop" as the folder to save in and click "Save":

You will then see a progress bar as the file downloads. When it completes, click the "Close" button.

You now have a new icon on your desktop:

This is the installation file for the full version and you need to do two things with it.

1. Install it, replacing your evaluation copy.
2. Copy it to a CD as a backup in case you change computers.

To Install, replacing your evaluation copy

1. You must close your evaluation copy. For programs like the M8 Multi clipboard, clicking the X at the top right of the window does not close the program. It merely minimizes it to an icon in your system tray. To close it, right click on the icon in your system tray and click "Close"

2. Double click on the setup icon on your desktop.

You may or may not see this screen. If you do, click "Run"

The installation will then begin with this screen:

There are several introductory screens which may apply to you. If they don't, click "Next" to each. When you reach this screen:

If, when you installed your evaluation copy, you clicked next to this screen, click next again.
If you installed your evaluation copy to another folder, use the Browse button and select the same folder again.

When the installation completes, you may or may not see this dialog:

If you do, restart your computer.

The installation is now complete and the same desktop icon that used to start your evaluation copy will now start the full version.

To copy your installation file to a CD for backup

These instructions apply to Windows XP only. If you have an earlier version of Windows, you will need to use a CD writing program.

1. Right click on the installation file icon and click "Cut"

2. Insert a write-able CD in your CD writer drive.

When this dialog opens, select "Open write-able CD folder" and click OK.

When this dialog opens, right click in it and click "Paste"

If you see this dialog, click "Yes"

When the file appears in the window, click File/Write these files to CD


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