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If I copy a file in Explorer, I get a clip but it doesn't paste back into another folder.

Spartan v1 doesn't record file copying "Clips". This isn't a bug, it's just sensible. Here's why:

When you "Cut" or "Copy" files in explorer , the files themselves are not sent to the clipboard. What goes to the clipboard is the file names and a note for Explorer to say whether they are to be copied or moved when you click paste. (If you did a "copy" they will be copied and if you did a "Cut" they will be moved.

Although it is possible to record a complete file clip in a multi clipboard, it isn't practical for two reasons.

1. After a cut and paste, the multi clipboard will contain a file clip that directs Explorer to move files which no longer exist.

2. After copying a large number of files, if you click on the clip accidentally without Explorer running, they will all be pasted onto your desk top.

To copy and paste files in explorer, just do it without pasting from the multi clipboard.

To copy graphic files and paste them from the multi clipboard, go to Options and check the option "Create graphic clips during file copying" . When you copy a .bmp, .gif or .jpg with that option checked, two clips are created, the first is the file name and the second is the graphic extracted from the file.

From Spartan v2.00, recording full file clips is optional.

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