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I cannot paste into one particular program

When you paste a clip, the program does two things. First, it retrieves the clip you want from disk and puts it back on the Windows clipboard. It then sets the Windows focus back to the program you were working in and simulates the keystrokes Ctrl+V which tell your program to paste in from the Windows clipboard.

The vast majority of Windows programs recognize Ctrl+V as the paste command. Unfortunately, there are a few that don't. Of those that don't, most recognize Shift+Ins instead.

If you have pasted a clip to a program and it doesn't appear, remember that the clip you want is now on the Windows clipboard, put the cursor where you want the clip and try typing Shift+Ins (Hold down the Shift key and type the Ins key) If the clip now appears, you have one of these programs. Go to the options window and set the Paste Method to secondary.

Your multi clipboard will then use Shift+Ins instead of Ctrl+V

There are also a very small number of programs which do not recognize either Ctrl+V or Shift+Ins. If you have one of these, then after clicking the clip you want, you can paste it in by using the programs Edit/Paste menu.

Finally, there are some web forms which simply do not allow pasting at all. If you can't paste into a web form from the Windows clipboard, you can't paste into it from the multi clipboard.

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