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Copying Graphics from Internet Explorer

Microsoft's Internet Explorer allows you to select an area of a web page containing text and graphics, copy it, and paste it into MS Word.

Unfortunately, the clip IE sends to the clipboard does not actually contain the graphics. What it contains is the web address of the page and the area coordinates that you selected. When you paste it into MS Word, it is MS Word that accesses the web and copies the area you selected.

If you save this type of clip in a multi clipboard and use it at a later date, It will only paste correctly if :

A. You are connected to the Internet and
B. The page the clip was taken from is still there

If you paste one into MS Word when you are not connected to the Internet, your PC will appear to freeze while Word tries to connect.


Do not store clips captured by selecting an area of a web page containing multiple graphics.

If you want to copy graphics from the Internet, point to them individually, right click and click copy. That way the actual graphic is copied to the clipboard and you can use it anytime from your multi clipboard.

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