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We have a user support forum. If you have a software problem or suggestion, please post it here.

If you have a question about Spartan or the M8 free clipboard, there are video demos here.

If you need to contact us for other reasons... Email Us

Common Problems and solutions

I've had a computer crash and lost my program

Windows 7
The Spartan and/or YearPlanner icons are not on the taskbar.
I am having display problems in Windows 7 medium size fonts.

I just bought a program and have not received anything.
I downloaded the installer but it will not run
I bought and installed a full version but it still says it's a trial version.

Bug Reporting

My computer crashed and I did not make a backup of my program.

Known Bugs and Workarounds
I sometimes see excessive CPU usage by one of your clipboards
I cannot copy and paste a single graphic file when Spartan or Titan is running

Should be Obvious but isn't Problems
I cannot paste directly into Outlook Express or Vista Windows Mail
How do I get the mouse over a preview window? - It disappears whenever I try!

If I copy a file in Explorer, I get a clip but it doesn't paste back into another folder.
I cannot remember my password for WebM8

Vista Problems
The M8 Multi Clipboard shuts down for no apparent reason under the Vista operating system

Installation Problems
"Not a Valid Win32 Application" or "Corrupt Installation Detected" message after downloading
I cannot find the uninstaller for Portable Editions

Compatibility Problems
With other software
Clicking "Help" on the program menu does nothing.
I get an error message each time I restart my computer
I cannot re-copy a text clip which I just deleted
McAfee anti virus detects "Exploit-obscure html" in clip files
My Anti-Spyware program reports this as a Key Logger
I cannot paste into one particular program
When I copy from Excel it says "The picture is too big and will be truncated"
I pasted a clip but only the letter "V" appeared.
Pasting Graphics copied from Internet Exporer caused a hang up on my PC

Sometimes I get more than one copy of a clip
When I copy from some programs, I get the error message "Cannot open Clipboard" ,"Cannot Empty Clipboard" or similar

General Information
How do I backup my data in versions with no built in backup
How do I uninstall

Installation Guides
How to install trial versions
How to install full versions replacing trial versions

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