Your choice of Password

There are two risks involved in your choice of password. The first is that you will choose something with a personal connection which might be guessed locally by someone who knows you and the second is that you will choose a password that is too short and which could be found by trial and error.

Never use a partner, relative or pet's name or birthday. Never use your favorite sports team, car model or drink. It's easy to choose a word you use often, but much safer to choose one you would never normally use.

Choose a word that is as long as possible. If you chose a single lowercase letter for a password, it only takes a maximum of 26 tries to find it. The number of potential passwords increases exponentially with the number of characters, so there are 26 possible values for one character, 675 possible values for 2 characters and 17,576 possible values for three characters Etc. On a computer, you can further increase this by including uppercase, lowercase, numbers and punctuation.

Safe Password
A safe password has 8 characters or more with mixed case and has no personal association with you.