Spartan V15 New features

Many web sites do not allow pasting into password fields.

The encrypted log on dialog now has the option to enter passwords via the keyboard.

There is a new option to automatically generate numbered clip names.
This dialog is selected from the Copy menu...

For example, if you enter the name Screen Shot, new clips will be named Screen Shot 001, Screen Shot 002 Etc.

There are now options for how the Save As dialogs suggest file names...

1. Always suggests the last file name (as in previous versions)
2. Adds 001, 002, 003 Etc. to the last used file name.
3. Always suggests the Clip Name from Spartan.
4. Leaves the suggestion blank.

When using the option to copy multiple Windows clips to one Spartan clip, you can now include the clip source.

The same option is also available when you use the context menu "Combine".

If a newly captured clip is not visible because the display has been scrolled, Spartan now warns you...

Newly captured clips can be posted to a floating column using the right click Paste menu item instead of having to display the main Spartan window to copy it from.

Key clips can now include blank lines and can be used from the FF buttons.

The text editor now has Save As on the file menu.

There is a new item "Paste and add a space on the Paste menu which can also be tied to the custom function buttons.