What's new in V9

The Views Control Panel

The views control panel allows you to quickly set up different views and change between them. To display the Views Control Panel you can..

Select it from the View menu.
Press both left and right mouse buttons at the same time anywhere over the Spartan grid.
Press the Space bar.

The numbered cells 1 to 8 plus Hot Keys and Macros are your views. You can enter a descriptive note about each view in the Notes section. Your Sheets are shown on the right.

Moving the mouse over the view cells displays your notes.
Clicking a view cell selects that view.
Dragging one view cell to another swaps their positions (and function key numbers)

Clicking on a sheet puts it in the selected view.
Right click on a sheet to change its name.
Drag a sheet name to move its position in the list.

You can access the options dialogs and you can move and size the Spartan window without leaving the Views Control Panel.

Changing Font Size

You can now change font size from the Tools men.

The Text Editor

In previous versions, the text editor was limited to 65k characters. This limitation has now been removed.

Font selection

Your chosen font is now displayed in all dialogs and buttons not just the main cells.

Year Planner

A Text search facility has been added to the Year Planner.