What's new in V8

1. Encrypted Clips

2. Log on sets

3. You can now leave the text editor open and paste clips from the main window into it. (Easily combine clips)

4. The context menu has been extended..

The first item on the right hand panel will paste and minimize if you have not selected the option "Minimize after pasting" and paste without minimizing if you have.

The items paste in upper case, lower case, plain text and to DOS window do exactly the same as the special function buttons, but as these are likely to be less used than say the Net button, you can now use these functions without having the buttons displayed all the time.

The items Paste Clip Name and Paste Clip Name and Clip are new.

You also have access to all options dialogs from the right click menu as well as the tools menu.

5. In the text editor, the text manipulation functions which previously were applied to the entire clip, are now applied to selected text. They are still applied to the entire clip when no text is selected.

6. Search and replace has also been added to the text editor.