1. Unicode compatibility

You can now use Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Cyrillic Etc.


2. Dedicated Shortcut Clips.

Clips which display the Run, Open, Eml or Net buttons can now be set to work as shortcuts without the need to click the special function button. This means that you can create clips which will open files or web pages when using the keyboard only and when using hot key or macro clips.

To create a dedicated shortcut clip, add <@> to the end of the text. For Example..... Will paste and display the Net button.<@> will open the M8 Software web site.

3. The source, date and time of each clip is now recorded.

The source is recorded for both text and graphic clips. The source text is also editable so you can use the space (200 characters) for any note or reference you wish to attach to the clip.

4. There is a new menu item "Paste"

Whichever feature you select from the Paste menu remains in force until you cancel it. When anything other than "Regular" is selected, the menu name flashes "??????" to remind you.

5. The facility to select characters in the log on set has been extended to cater for words longer than 9 characters.

To select characters beyond 9, put the number in parenthesis. For example...
To select character 1, 5 and 12 type 15(12)

6. The text search facility has been updated.

7. New feature auto clears the Windows clipboard.

If you worry about leaving sensitive data on the Windows Clipboard, Spartan will remove it for you.

8. Minor improvements

a. You can now shutdown the year planner when "Close button just minimizes" is selected in Options.

b. Lines in the graphic editor can now be reduced to one pixel wide.(Previously it was 2)

c. Selecting a single letter with no Ctrl or Alt for an activation key has now been prevented.

d. Turn Capturing Off can now be done from the tray icon's right click menu.

d. You can now access the options dialogs with Ctrl+O for Options General, Ctrl+T for Options This View and Ctrl+E for Options Encryption.