V6 New Features

1. There has been an extensive rewrite of all menus and dialogs to make them suitable for keyboard and speech control operation. All parts of the program except the graphics editor can now be operated without a mouse.

2. You can now choose the format for graphic clips at the time of pasting. When you move the mouse over a graphic clip, four buttons appear...

Button 1 pastes the clip format one at full size.
Button 2 pastes the clip format one with size reduction.
Button 3 pastes the clip Format two at full size.
Button 4 pastes the clip Format two with size reduction.

What are Formats One and Two?
In a format one graphic clip, the picture is placed into the Windows clipboard as a bitmap and the target application reads it directly from the clipboard. This is the format used by most applications.

In a format two graphic clip, the picture is saved to a file on your hard disk in JPEG format and some HTML code detailing the location of the JPEG is placed on the clipboard. The target application reads the HTML code and displays the JPEG. This is the format use by Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail.

3. You can now browse your pictures directly from your picture folders (No need to import)

you can browse thumbnails....

or you can browse single pictures...

In either mode, you can paste your pictures into documents or emails with the same four buttons you have for clips.

4. The sheet menu is now in dialog form...

You can select, rename and reposition your sheets. The letters shown to the left of the sheet names are used to select a sheet using the keyboard only. Shift + the letter selects the sheet without opening the sheet menu dialog.

5. Minor enhancements.

a. You can now print multiple pictures at the same time.
b. You can now print from the graphics editor.
c. You can now scroll using the mouse wheel.
d. Dragging to the edge of the window now scrolls the display.
e. In the "Arrow keys and enter" mode you can now display the cell numbers and move the marker to any particular cell by typing its number.
g. The time delay between clips during bulk pasting can now be varied between 0.2 and 1 second.
f. You now have a choice of function button size. Right click on one for...