The new features in V7 are Macro Clips and Automatic Text Formatting Removal.

Macro Clips

Macro clips are clips with which you associate a short string of characters. Spartan then monitors your keyboard input for macro strings. When you type one, Spartan jumps in and replaces the macro with the associated clip. You can paste clips without ever bringing Spartan to the screen.

To set up macro clips, choose view 10 from the View Menu.

This is view 10.

The clipboard is on the left and there are column pairs headed "Macro" and "Clip". The clip slots are exactly the same as clip slots in other views. You can drag clips to them from the clipboard, you can copy and paste clips in from other views or you can right click and create new clips. After creating a clip, click on the Macro slot to the left of the clip and type in the characters you want for the macro. Here is an example..

Activate the macros by switching back to another view.

The letter heading clip can now be inserted into a document simply by typing .head and the signature block by typing .sig Etc.

Why the dot? ( .head .sig)

No reason. You could use /head and /sig or +head and +sig

You need head and sig as something easy to remember and you need the other (unusual) character so that you don't get your macro clips by accident. If you didn't use the extra, unusual character and for instance used just sig for you signature block then Spartan would paste in your signature block every time you started to type signal or sign post.

Note: Only un-shifted characters can be used in the macro.

Automatic Text Formatting Removal.

Select "Auto Clean Windows Clipboard Text" from the tools menu. This will remove all font, size and color data. To add other text clean up operations select "Auto Cleaning Options" from the tools menu. These are the same facilities that have always been available via the Txt buttons but selecting them here means they will be applied directly to the Windows Clipboard even when you do not paste from Spartan.