Command Type
Parameters Keys to send to the active window


Type Alt + e
Type Ctrl + c
Type Down * 5
Type Down * Counter1
Type Shift + End

Using the Type command you can send keys with no character.
Spartan recognizes these key names....

Up Enter F1 to F12
Down Esc Numpad0 to Numpad9
Left Tab Insert
Right Backspace Numlock
Home Delete Scrolllock
End Prtscr Capslock
Pgup Space

These keys can be sent with up to two extension keys.( Alt, Ctrl or Shift)
Type Shift + End
Type Ctrl + Home

To specify that a key be repeated a number of times use * number....
Type Right * 7
Type Right * Counter1

When you use Ctrl + c or Ctrl + x you must follow them by a Wait command long enough for Spartan to capture the clip before you can use the LastCopy variable. This script turns text from the cursor position to the end of the line into upper case....

Type Shift + End
Type Ctrl + c
Wait 1
Text1 = UCase$(LastCopy)
Paste Text1

If you use Ctrl + c or Ctrl + x and you do not want the clip to be captured by Spartan, Use....
Type Ctrl + c -
Type Ctrl + x -

Many programs are case sensitive to extended keys. If you have a program with and Edit menu,
Type Alt + e will always pull down the Edit menu.
Type Alt + E might or might not!

The command Type Backspace will always simulate the pressing of the Backspace key. The command Type Counter1 will always type the value of Counter1. If you want to insert the word "Backspace" or the word "Counter1", use the Paste command instead...
Paste "Backspace"
Paste "Counter1"

It is also possible to use the type command for short lengths of text like...

Type "Hello"
Type "Fred said hello"

You cannot Type text which includes carriage returns. To type two lines of text use...
Type "Text on line one"
Type Enter
Type "Text on line two"