Command PasteClip
Parameters The clip identifier. Processing switches.


PasteClip Z1
PasteClip A234
PasteClip Text1 + Counter1

To find the identifier for the clip you want to paste, move the mouse over the clip. The identifier is shown in the clip preview window.

Spartan clips can be pasted in plain text, upper case, lower case, proper case, to a DOS window or to an HTML editor. Just follow the clip identifier with the processing you want. For example....

PasteClip Z1 ProperCase
PasteClip Z1 U
PasteClip Text1 + Counter1 + "U"

Spartan recognizes any of these as switches....

T, Txt or Text
U, Upper or Uppercase
L, Lower or Lowercase
P, Proper or Propercase
D, Dos,ToDos or Todoswindow
H, Html or Tohtml


This Script pastes clips 2, 4 and 6 from the yellow area in upper case...

Text1 = "z"
Counter1 = 0
   Counter1 = Counter1 + 2
   If Counter1 > 6
   PasteClip Text1 + Counter1 + "U"
   Type Enter

For a simpler way to paste consecutive clips, see the PasteClipsFrom command.