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Delivery Information - Your Questions Answered

Do I get a registration code or a full version?
You get a full version. Make a backup copy after you download.

How do I get the download?
After making your payment, you will see a screen that starts with Thank you for your payment.
Toward the bottom of this screen is the link Return to Click that link to get your download.

We also send you an email with download instructions but that is sent manually. Depending on time of day, your email could arrive within a few minutes or it might not arrive till the next working day. If you have not had your email within 24hours, check your anti-spam junk box. Make sure your email accepts mail from If you want another copy sent, contact us here...

How do I transfer my data from the old version to the new version?
You don't have to. Just close the trial or free version then install the full version over it.

Spartan Standard Edition (for Hard disk) @ 9.99 (GBP)
Spartan Portable Edition (for USB Drives) @ 9.99 (GBP)

Spartan U3 Edition (for U3 Drives) @ 9.99 (GBP)


Spartan and Spartan Portable Together @ 14.99 (GBP)
Spartan and Spartan U3 Edition Together @ 14.99 (GBP)


Household License @ 19.99 (GBP)
(Covers all household / family members for all editions.)


Site or Server License @ 49.00 (GBP)
(Covers any number of users in one building for all editions.)
Company / Organization License @ 499.00 (GBP)
(Covers all company employees / organization member for all editions.
....Educational Establishment License @ 49.00 (GBP)
(Covers all staff and students for all editions.)

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We accept payment via BitGold. Transfer the amount to and let us know.

We accept check payments in UK pounds only.
Please mail your cheque to the address below and include your email address for delivery.
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Our bank details are here
If you make a payment by bank transfer, let us know. (Our bank does not) Email us

M8 Software
1 Wellington Gate
Hale Village
L24 4AR

When ordering by cash or check, please enclose your email address for delivery.

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Spartan upgrades