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Photo Browse and Paste With Spartan

The complete solution to your digital photo management

There are three problems with other photo browsers..

1. The thumbnails are too small.
2. There is no way to paste your pictures into emails or documents.
3. There is no way to find the picture you are looking for.

Spartan overcomes all three..

1. These are actual size Spartan thumbnails

Large Thumbnails

2. Note the small control panel that appears under the picture the mouse is over..

Thumbnail control panel

The four small buttons marked 1 to 4 are for pasting your pictures into word processors or email programs...

1. Pastes as bitmap at full size. (Suitable for Mozilla Thunderbird)
2. Pastes as bitmap at reduced size.
3. Pastes as JPEG at full size. (Suitable for Outlook and Windows Mail)
4. Pastes as JPEG at reduced size.

You choose the size for the reductions.

You have the same four buttons when you browse your pictures singly..

photo control panel

So you can look through them at full size and, with one click, paste them straight into an email at reduced size!

3. Spartan allows you to rename your pictures and find them quickly...

Spartan comes in three editions:
- Runs on all versions of Windows from 98 to Windows 7
    Portable - Runs from any flash drive (Flash drive menu available here)
    U3 - Runs from U3 Smart Drives
    (Compare Editions Here)

Free Trial Versions ( All free trial versions will paste 200 times.)
     Download Standard Hard Disk Edition
     Download Portable Edition for USB Drives
     Download U3 Edition for U3 Drives

Spartan Costs:
    US $19.99
for any single edition.
    US $29.99
for both the standard edition and either one of the portable editions.
    US $49.00
for a household license.(Covers all household / family members for all editions.)
    US $99.00
for a site license.(Covers any number of users in one building for all editions.)
    US $499.00
for a company / organization license.(Covers all employees / members for all editions)

    US $99.00 for an educational establishment license.(Covers all staff and students for all editions)

Order now    And Join users like Dave Hartley who said:

"After only a couple of days use, I'm not sure how I managed without it! A simple idea, put to use remarkably effectively . . . there are so many uses for this, it's just incredible."




Detailed Descriptions
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