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Standard and Portable Editions

Apart from the necessary differences detailed below, the three editions are functionally identical.

Installation differences

1. The standard edition recognizes Windows User Accounts and provides separate data for each Windows user. It must be installed on the hard disk.

2. The portable edition can be installed on any USB drive and can be used on any PC which supports USB plug in drives. The portable edition does not create files or alter registry setting on any machine you plug it into.

3. The U3 edition is similar to the portable edition but runs only from the launch pad of a U3 drive.

Necessary functional differences

With the standard edition, you can choose where you wish to store your data and you can have more than one set of data. With both the portable editions, the data storage is fixed on the removable drive

You can elect to have the standard and portable editions start when Windows starts.

You can change the sound used when clips are captured in the standard and portable versions but not in the U3 version.

Can I install the portable version on my hard drive?

Yes but:-

1. There is no choice of where to store data.
2. There is only one set of data.
3. All Windows users have access to that data
4. It does not comply with Windows user account control.



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