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Video Demos for Multi-Clipboards
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  Getting started
  Views and sheets
  Clip source - Paste menu
  Paste and move - The ? button

Backup and data location

  Graphics and digital photos
  The special function buttons
  Customizable function buttons
  Hot key and macro clips
  Pasting using the keyboard only
  Cleaning up formatted text
  Date and time clips
  Encryption and web site log on
  Dedicated shortcut clips
  Email Encryption
  Spell checker - Bulk paste - Save as - Paste to html editor
  Copy from, and paste to, multiple spread sheet cells
  Multiple windows clips to one Spartan clip - Copy into pre-defined text
  Sending key strokes for automation
  More Covers Year Planner, Windows History, Deleted Clips, Combining text Clips, Bulk Pasting and Pasting the Clip Name
  Common problems and how to avoid them

Introductory Three Minute Tour

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  The Spartan Multi-Clipboard
  Spartan Lite (Free Software)
  The Crib Sheet Server Clipboard

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