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Spartan Clipboard Manager for Windows comes in three editions: (Compare Editions Here)

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Standard Edition for Hard Disk
Runs on all versions of Windows
from 98 to Windows 10

Portable Edition for USB Drives
Runs from any USB drive
(USB drive menu available here)
U3 Edition for U3 Drives
Runs from U3 Smart Drives
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If you are unable to download the .EXE file due to your network or service provider's security measures, there is an alternative.zip archive that also contains the Spartan Standard setup file. Zip File Download

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Spartan includes a Basic like script language. No prior experience in programming is necessary to use it.  However, programming is not everyone's forte. If you want a script but don't relish trying to write it yourself, Click Here.

Compare Spartan - Spartan Lite - The M8 Free Clipboard

The Microsoft Office (And most other) clipboard managers simply retain the last few clips so that you can copy more than once before pasting. That functionality doesn't even scratch the surface of what Spartan can do!

You can save clips permanently. You can take (and edit ) screen shots. You can create clips which automatically include the system date and time. You can encrypt sensitive clips like your passwords and credit card details. You can paste any digital photo or graphic file on your PC simply by browsing to it and clicking a button - and you have the option to paste it in the format accepted by Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail which other clipboard managers do not offer. Best of all, if you have more than one PC, you can synchronize your clip data via Onedrive.

As well as a clipboard manager, you get a year planner, a graphics editor and a picture browser thrown in. Clips which are Web addresses work as bookmarks. Clips which are phone numbers will dial via your modem. Clips which are files on your PC work as shortcuts to them. It will remove email indentation chevrons from text. It will word wrap fixed line length text (Including the repair of hyphenated words) It even pastes text into old DOS programs! The list of uses for this software just goes on and on.

Finally, if what you need is not already catered for, you can write your own script Click here for examples.

Have you ever needed information on one computer that you know you have on another?
Forget transferring files. The Spartan clipboard manager portable edition runs entirely from plug in flash drives.
Plug into one PC and copy. Plug into another and paste.
It's that easy!

Spartan runs on all versions of Windows from XP to Windows 10.
Video Tutorials
Synchronizing with Onedrive

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We also supply a lite version... Spartan Lite Clipboard Manager

Spartan Costs:
for any single edition.
for both the standard edition and either one of the portable editions.
for a household license.(Covers all household / family members for all editions.)
for a site license.(Covers any number of users in one building for all editions.)
for a company / organization license.(Covers all employees / members for all editions) 
for an educational establishment license.(Covers all staff and students for all editions)

    £4.99 for the Lite Version.

Order now    And Join users like Dave Hartley who said:

"After only a couple of days use, I'm not sure how I managed without it! A simple idea, put to use remarkably effectively . . . there are so many uses for this, it's just incredible."

What do users say about Spartan?

I thank you geniuses at M8.
To you it's just a job.
To me it's the stuff of science fiction.
Something we would say , Someday Maybe?

Just MUST let you know how I love your product. It has changed my entire workflow as I work with with my stamp auctions, compiling text and Graphics from several different sources. Spartan makes is easier, faster, more accurate and more fun. To work without Spartan is NOT an option!

You know, nobody can know everything about everything - the most important thing in business is that what we do, we do well, and your Multi-Clipboard is without question, unmatched.

I’ve been a real-time Software Engineer and Windows user for over 20 years and just stumbled across Spartan. What an amazing software product for Windows! It is absolutely the most useful, productive, outstanding, Windows program I have found! I’ve tried everything to keep info available for handy reference: notepad, notepad++, textpad, Snippet Center, Excel, and many others.

I have use Spartan for the last 7 years on windows. I was forced over to use a Mac system at work. (Nothing against it its a very solid machine) but man I miss my Spartan I'm amazed at how much it was embedded in my daily work and now that its gone everything is moving so slow nothing at my finger tips like before. Maybe a Python Version ? I can run Python too. Thanks for a great tool just wish there was a Mac version it would blow away what's out there

Can't anything but fall into the praise for this efficiency increasing tool! I am using Spartan clipboard manager extensively and won't have a computer without. It is like the English language: Very easy to start with and then finding a lot more features under the hood. Of course everybody has his own style of working, his own ideas of what is a good tool. For my way of thinking/working Spartan clipboard manager is fitting like a glove, is like the toolbox of a craftsman: The most used tools on top and those for special works thereunder.

If there is a problem the most impressive service reacts and acts FAST, efficient and generous. Spartan is one of the few tools I wholeheartedly recommend. Give it a try and you probably will be hooked.

I've used Spartan clipboard manager for 8 years and I have yet to find anything better. Excellent instructional videos. Watch them! Maybe not all at once, but at least the first 3 or 4, then as needed. Cool accent. (I'm just a dumb Yank - I think the owner hails from Scotland, but I'm not sure.)

Your product is one of the most productive ones that I have and saves me many hours of work. I have been involved in using computers since I wrote my first program in 1963 and your software is one of the most powerful and yet most user friendly ones that I have ever seen in these last 50 years.

I live on Spartan clipboard manager, use it all day everyday.

I'm a retired guy on a fixed income and almost never pay for software of any kind, but I feel like the little bit of money you ask for is a small price to pay for one of the most beautifully designed utilities I've ever laid my hands on. I use Spartan in fifty different ways—among them to store HTML, CBS, and Java Script snippets. Thanks for your excellent work.

Thank you for your truly amazing Spartan clipboard manager. I have tried many clipboard manager programs, free and paid for, but none come close to the abilities of your masterpiece. I particularly like the screen capture facility, so easy and intuitive. The video tutorials are also very well done, the dialogue is calm, clear and precise, no waffle. Of course, you know all this, but I am so pleased with this program I just felt I ought to congratulate you. Thank you again.

Your Spartan clipboard manager is by far the most efficient and easiest program on the market. I have tested/checked about 50 other clipboard managers and found no one better. And the encryption upgrade made the distance to the second best even further.

Easy learning curve, good help file. Outstanding design in terms of reviewing words to paste - nice pop up box with entire thread visible in box before pasting! I have tried 50+ clipboard utilities over the last few months in search of THIS!"

Of all the different programs I use, this is one that I use daily, all the time, it is that good and well worth the price."

John Turnbull

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