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Ever wished you could just type stuff and find it again without having to save it and then remember what you called the file and which folder you put it in? ..... Well now you can with Pigeonhole.

Pigeonhole shows you a grid of pigeonholes similar to a spread sheet. Click on a pigeonhole and type in whatever you want - it is saved automatically. When you want to recall the information, just move the mouse over the grid. Whatever you typed into the pigeonhole the mouse is over appears automatically in the viewer window. There are 175 pigeonholes displayed at any one time so you can view up to 175 different pieces of information just by moving the mouse over the grid...... Could anything be easier?

And with the portable versions - You can take all your information with you on your key ring!.

Pigeonhole comes in three editions:
   Standard - Runs on all versions of Windows from 98 to Windows 10.
   Portable - Runs from any flash drive (Flash drive menu available here)
   U3 - Runs from U3 Smart Drives

   (Compare Editions Here)

Download a free copy of Pigeonhole now...

Download Standard Edition
Download Portable Edition (Flash drive menu available here)
Download U3 Edition


Start a new experience in computing now with the Pigeonhole Organizer.

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