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THE Free Multi-clipboard app for Windows.

Free Multi Clipboard by M8

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M8 is THE number one free multi-clipboard app for Windows.

Why a multi-clipboard?

Simple. - A multi clipboard doesn't just mean that you can copy more than once before you paste!
It means that every single piece of useful information that appears on your screen can be saved for future reference simply by copying it.

Why M8? Are there not other multi clipboards?

There are lots of other multi clipboards but they all suffer from various drawbacks. Some only copy text. Some copy graphics but cannot paste them into Outlook or Windows mail. Some cannot copy combined text and graphics as in a a clip from MS Word. Worst of all, most other clipboards stop at just saving the information. What is the point of saving a web page address if you cannot click on it to visit the page. With M8, you can visit copied web sites. You can start email to copied email addresses. You can open copied files and folders. If you have a modem, you can even dial copied phone numbers. Checkout the video demos

M8 comes complete with every clipboard feature you could possibly imagine. Its only limitation is in the number of clips you can store permanently. For unlimited storage, check out our flagship product Spartan Multi-Clipboard

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What do users say about M8?

"Excellent Free Multiclip clip board" jellydog
"Tax filing made easy!!" mmathras
"Works well" dangnad1
"Great time saver" jcwoos
"Great free program" w.shows
"Seriously Useful Stuff" tracyrex
"M8 is super excellent!" Jevons

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