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News Flash - Latest version includes the Spartan Script language. Please note that permanent storage in the current version is limited to 14 clips only. If you already have an older version which has 25 clips on each of 20 sheets, you should not install the new version. If you want to keep your clips and use the Spartan Script language, you should switch to Spartan or Spartan Lite.

The M8 Free Clipboard is a cut down version of Spartan. The differences between this and Spartan are..

M8 Free Clipboard can only store 14 permanent clips.
M8 Free Clipboard does not include hot key and macro clips.
M8 Free Clipboard does not have floating columns.

You cannot import pictures to the M8 Free Clipboard.

The M8 Free Clipboard runs on all versions of Windows from XP to Windows 10.


Compare Spartan - Spartan Lite - The M8 Free Clipboard

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