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The M8 Free Clipboard is THE number one
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Free Multi Clipboard by M8


The M8 Free Clipboard is a cut down version of our flagship product, the Spartan Multi-Clipboard. The only difference is that it only has the two columns of clips shown above instead of the nine columns in Spartan. It has all the same features and advantages over other clipboards.

Please watch this short video demonstration.....

Flash version on M8 web site (Best quality but not suitable for ipads and phones)
MP4 version on YouTube

If you would prefer to read about the software, click here for the Spartan page.

Download your free copy here
Alternative download


What do users say about the M8 Multi-Clipboard?

"AMAZING PRODUCT and really easy to use" rdgorton
"Incredible feature set - terrific!!" ajstockman
"The Swiss Army Knife of Clipboard Viewers" ememka
"Excellent Free Multi clipboard" jellydog
"Tax filing made easy!!" mmathras
"Works well" dangnad1
"Great time saver" jcwoos
"Great free program" w.shows
"Seriously Useful Stuff" tracyrex
"M8 is super excellent!" Jevons

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