Welcome to Crib Sheet

This is the main window.

The white area
The white area is a crib sheet. It has just over 550 cells, each of which can hold a clip. There are 20 such sheets (Change sheets from the Sheet menu). To create a new clip within the program, right click on a white cell and choose the clip type

The yellow area
The yellow area, which is moveable, is a multi clipboard. If your data already exists, you can use this to load up Crib Sheet quickly. Copy the data you need, text or graphic, and the clip will be caught in the yellow area (no need to paste). You can copy up to 25 times before transferring to the crib sheet. Transfer captured clips to the sheet by dragging them. Once you have clips saved in the white area, you can arrange them by dragging, you can sort them alphabetically, you can give them titles and you can highlight them with color so that all your information is organized and easy to find.
Checkout the right click menus and experiment with multi selecting. (Shift+Mouse move)

As you move the mouse over saved clips, you can see them in the preview window. If the clip is a graphic, you see a thumbnail

and if it is text you can read it

This feature is most useful for work station operators. If you don't need it for creating the data, you can turn it off from "Options (This View) on the tools menu.

You can edit both text and graphic clips. The text editor includes a set of text cleanup services:

And the graphics editor allows you to create, edit, combine and annotate your graphic clips or screen shots

Help information is available within the editors in the yellow areas.

The help panels give help on whichever item the mouse is over.

Using Views

The Crib Sheet window is sizable. There are twenty work sheets. The window size, the sheet number and all the options shown below, Options (This View) on the Tools menu, are all saved as a "View".

Once you have Crib Sheet set up just the way you want it for one particular task and you find you need to change your options for another task, then, rather than change the options you have set up in View 1, change to View 2. You can set everything up in View 2 for the second task. When you then want to use Crib Sheet for the first task again, you can revert to all the settings you had just by switching back to view 1.

There are 8 views and you can change view using the view menu or simply by hitting the function key with the view number.

Crib Sheet doesn't just paste!

It can also perform different functions depending on the contents of a clip. These special functions are controlled by buttons which appear automatically over clip names. You can choose which buttons you want from the View / Options dialog.

For example:
Clicking a "Net" button launches your browser and goes to the page in the clip.
Clicking a "Dial" button dials the phone number in the clip.
Clicking a "Dos" button pastes the clip into a DOS window.

Again, these options are mainly for the work station operators, but they work in CSAdmin.exe as well

If you need to add graphics, you can browse your files. Select the first item on the pictures menu and choose a folder.

A small control panel appears below the image the mouse is over. Click the "Clip" button to capture the image in the yellow area.

Don't forget to checkout the Options(General) and Options(This View) dialogs on the tools menu. There, you can choose a hot key to activate Crib Sheet as well as several other options.