Crib Sheet Administrator's Guide.

Install Crib Sheet on the server.

The package contains two executable files, CSAdmin.exe, which is for you to set up the data and CSWorker.exe, which is for the workstations. CSAdmin.exe requires write access to the program folder. On first start, CSAdmin creates the sub folder \Cribsheet_data under the program folder. The master copy of the data will be held here unless you elect to keep it somewhere else on the server.

Changing the data location.


If you intend to change the data location, you must be running CSAdmin.exe from a workstation on the network and NOT from the server itself. This is because CSAdmin leaves a forwarder file directing workstations to the data. If you do it from the server, the forwarder will start with the server's local drive letter and not its network drive letter. Once you have moved the data, You cannot access it again from the server. To avoid problems, you are advised not to run either CSAdmin.exe nor CSWorker.exe from the server.

To change the data folder, go to "Data Location, Backup and Restore" on the tools menu.

Select the folder you wish to use - In this case Z:\data. (Crib Sheet automatically ads Cribsheet_Data to your choice).

Then click "Move data to this folder"

The folder you have chosen is now the master data folder. However, CSAdmin.exe still requires write access to the program folder as well as the new data folder as it leaves forwarding instructions there to direct CSWorker.exe to the new data location.

Create the data. See the Interface Guide for help.

Choose how the workstations can use the data at "Settings for Work Stations" on the tools menu....

Start running CSWorker.exe from work stations.

On first start, each CSWorker will automatically download a copy of the data to its local hard drive and use it from there. Once all workstations have drawn down their copy of the data, you can modify the master data with CSAdmin.exe without interfering with the workstations. They only automatically download once. When you are ready to have the workstations update their data, you have two options.

1. Click "Signal all workstations to update data" on the tools menu.

2. Click "Activate workstation's "Update data" menu and tell operators when to use it.

If you use option one, all workstations will update without any action by the operators. However, if there are many workstations, this could cause very heavy traffic across the network. You can stagger the load by using option two.

Working on the data locally.

If you find that creating / modifying the master data on the server is a bit slow, you can work on a copy of the data on your local drive. This is how to do it.

1. Install a private copy of Crib Sheet on your local drive.

2. On the server copy of CSAdmin.exe, go to "Data Location, Backup and Restore" on the tools menu. Select a folder on your local drive, and click "Backup to this folder".

3. Close down the server copy of CSAdmin and start your private one.

4. On the private copy, go to "Data Location, Backup and Restore" on the tools menu. Select the folder you backed up to and click "Use this folder for data". You can now modify the backup copy at local disk speed.

When you have finished modifying the backup, close your private copy, start the network copy, go to "Data Location, Backup and Restore" on the tools menu, select the backup folder and click "Restore from this folder" When the restore is finished, signal workstations to update,