Crib Sheet Help Index

Getting Started.............

Quick start guide to administering Crib Sheet

Quick Start Guide to the interface

Understanding Views, Sheets and Options
Pasting Images
Introduction to the Picture Browser
Introduction to the Graphics Editor


Known Problems and solutions
I sometimes see excessive CPU usage
I cannot paste into Outlook or Windows Mail
I can't see a clip. It is completely covered by buttons
My anti-spyware program tells me Crib Sheet is key logging
My chosen font does not display correctly
When I copy from some programs, I get the error message "Cannot open Clipboard" ,"OpenClipboard Failed" or similar

Pasting Graphics copied from Internet Explorer caused a hang up on my PC

McAfee anti virus detects "Exploit-obscure.html" in clip files

After using Turn Capturing Off (Selected programs only), no clips are captured from another program

Alphabetic Sorting
Auto Minimize
Backup and Restore

Bulk Pasting
Clear Windows Clipboard
Creating Clips
Date Time Stamp Clips
Digital Photographs
Editing Clips
Finger Pointers
Form Filling
Graphic Clips and Files
Highlight Clips
Keyboard Pasting
Paste Method
Paste Mode
Rename Clips
Screen and Graphics Capture
Selecting Clips
Text Cleanup
Unformatted Text

Getting the mouse over the viewer to copy part of a text clip
Overwriting a clip while keeping its name and highlight color
Recovering deleted clips

The Graphics Editor
Introduction to the Graphics Editor
Cropping, moving and sizing

How do I:
Crop to the edge of a screen shot ?
Crop more than one rectangle from a clip ?
Reduce the size of a screen shot without losing fine detail ?
Put text inside a circle or other shape ?
Display text other than horizontally ?
Fill a shape with texture ?


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